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About Us

As a Christian Real Estate Broker, Mary has a long history of happy clients, first selling real estate in Wisconsin. She moved to Pueblo, Colorado, in 1974 and sold hundreds of homes before opening Believers® Realty in 1986.

Building her dream home overlooking the Arkansas River with many beautiful gardens. Mary enjoys helping her repeat customers and has worked with families as many as 8 times. Selling to generations of loyal clients.

Mary and her staff make use of the trademark "Believers® Realty" and a slogan worthy value “We Go By The Book®”.  

With her hard work she has earned the:


Mary would welcome the opportunity to speak to you about the Pueblo area, or to share with you some of the special things God has done in her life.


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We are so excited to be a part of Believers' Realty! This is an exciting new chapter in our lives,
as we partner with you in selling and/ or buying your new home! We are committed to providing
you excellent customer service, good communication, and help as you move forward into these
next steps! ... We understand that this process is both exciting and, at times, overwhelming
and we want to be there with you through the process! We have recently gone through this
process ourselves and understand and appreciated the presence and assistance of an honest
and professional realtor. We are so fortunate to have had a wonderful realtor helping us each
step of the way.
A little bit about ourselves- We are both Pueblo natives and are the parents of two amazing
boys. We spend a lot of our time in our home with our pets and farm animals.
I am currently a high school counselor and have been for thirteen years where I regularly work
with students, parents and staff. I also have sales experience that came before my time as a
counselor. Both sales and counseling have one thing in common- the importance of delivering
prompt communication, demonstrating kindness, finding solutions to challenges, while
developing empathic relationships. I am very much a ‘people’ person and know this field will be
another opportunity to develop relationships and help you through these next steps!
Likewise, Robert brings a diverse skill set to the table. His background includes general
contracting, management and consulting. With an incredible attention to detail, he will work
diligently to ensure that we are meeting your needs each step of the way.
Incredibly hardworking, he and I will do our best to earn your trust. As brokers, our goal is to
help you in this life transition; the transaction is secondary. We align ourselves with the mission
of this agency and we will always 'Go by the Book' ! Thank you in advance for including us in
your next steps!